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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

We give FREE in-home estimates and will help you with planning your move. We will come to your residence and give you a free quote.  Please call us at 888-777-MOVE (6683) to schedule an in-home estimate.  Alternatively, you can book your estimate on-line right here

What you're taking to Israel affects the price of your job.  While it's easy to take everything you own if you're moving locally, it's a whole different matter when you're moving to Israel.  Taking your computers are worthwhile, but unless your TV's are compatible with Israel's PAL system, there is no point taking them abroad.  

Cubic feet will tell us if you need a full or partial container.  A three bedroom house typically fills an entire container.  When it comes to ground shipping, which is what you need after your belongings are loaded onto a truck at the port, the price becomes about weight.  In other words, the biggest factors to consider are both weight and volume.  We'll put this into simple terms for you.  The average cubic feet and weight of the following common household items are as follows:

  • Dining Table       30 cf.  210 lbs
  • Queen Bed         60 cf. 420 lbs
  • 2 Cushion Sofa  45 cf. 245 lbs
  • Kitchen Table     20 cf. 140 lbs

The estimator will take a detailed list of all the items you're transporting, including appliances.  You'll receive a detailed quote outlining the specifics of your move.  We'll guide you on all the steps required for a successful move from what to take, taxable items, insurance and delivery.  We're just a phone call or email away and will guide and help you through your entire move, while taking excellent care of your belongings.

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Do I have to purchase Marine Insurance?

Your goods are precious to you and are going to be transported thousands of miles.  They're going to be loaded on trucks, off-loaded, and loaded onto a ship.  They'll go across the ocean for thousands of miles and then get off-loaded at the dock, and loaded onto a truck to your new destination.  Hopefully everything will arrive in perfect condition, but in the event that something goes wrong, you'll be covered and re-imbursed with insurance.  We work with reliable agents that will make the process of marine insurance easy.  You'll know all the options and how your choice will affect your belongings.  One way to minimize damage is to pack your items really well.  That's where we come in.  We ship containers to Israel constantly, and we know what is required for secure transport.  We custom crate, double wrap and snugly secure all your belongings.  Contact us to help you with your move and you'll get first class treatment and a smooth and easy move.

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Can I take my car to Israel with me?

Yes.  You can import your car to Israel but there are restrictions and conditions, such as whether the model of your car is on Israel's list of allowed vehicles, and if there is a garage in Israel who agrees to service your car. We can help you with all of your queries, and you can also find more information about importing a car on this page.

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What is the difference between an FCL and an LCL?

The most cost effective way to ship is by sea, and these terms refer to a container.  An FCL stands for a Full Container Load. You get your own, exclusive container and needless to say they are pretty large.  Most of the time, you can usually fit a three bedroom house into a full container.  A full container can affect your shipping time frames - usually for the better, and customs can be affected too.  An LCL stands for Less than a Container Load.  This means that you don't have enough to fill a container, and you share the space with other customers.  It's extremely useful if you are shipping a few items or less than full container, as you'll spend a lot less money than shipping by air.  Both of these are perfect options.  It simply depends on your needs.

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Do I have to pay VAT?

While many items are tax free when immigrating to Israel, you will still need to pay VAT.  This stands for value-added tax which is applied to services, such as customs clearning and delivery.  As of 1 October 2015, the standard was lowered to 17%, from 18%. Certain items are zero rated which includes exported goods and the provision of certain services to non-residents. The value of imported goods for VAT purposes includes the customs duty, purchase tax and other levies. 

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Do I have to go with your marine insurance agent?

Not at all.  You are free to pick any agent of your choice, and we will work alongside them.  On the other hand, if you're not sure who to work with, we can help you out.  We work with agents that provide reasonable rates and we stick with the agents our customers are happy with.  We don't get commissions for Insurance Agents, we simply work with the ones that please our customers and do a great job. Each agent offers different rates, different terms and diffferent options, and you'll get the exact service and options you need.

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I'd like to time my move exactly. Is that possible?

There are so many variables when it comes to shipping on the ocean that the exact timing of international shipments is never certain. If you need a full container, it's quicker and the time frame is more predictable than if you are sharing a container. A full container typically takes 4 to 7 weeks from door to door. A shared container takes about 7 to 11 weeks. Make sure you arrive in Israel before your shipment, as you'll need to be there for customs clearing.

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What do I do about customs in Israel?

Make sure you arrive in Israel before your shipment does.  Immigrants receive a teudat zehut and teudat oleh from Nefesh B’Nefesh.  Once you have this, make sure you go to the local customs office.  You'll have to provide your shipper copies along with other required documents. 

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How do I pack all my belongings for overseas shipping?

We know exactly how to do this and provide a packing service, either full or partial where we come to your residence and pack everything for you.  If you prefer to do it yourself, we will guide you.  Many customers elect for partial packing.  This means the customer packs non breakable items such as books, towels etc.  We will pack all your fragile and breakable items, including your TV's etc.  Some items require cutom crating and we take of this for you too.  Please remember that how you pack can affect your insurance.  PBO (packed by owner) often doesn't qualify for insurance, as Insurance companies are wary that the belongings are not packed by a professional company. 

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Which items am I not permitted to bring into Israel?

Certain items are restricted, and here are some of them.  Using a bit of logic, we're pretty sure you can come up with some others.

  • Firearms, weapons, and ammunition
  • Tear gas
  • Explosives
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Narcotics and illegal drugs
  • Seeds, live plants and saplings
  • Pornographic material
  • Fresh meat
  • Gas operated BBQs
  • Counterfeit material
  • Gambling machines and games
  • Materials used to incite racism, terrorism or violence 
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What is custom crating?

Custom crating means we build crates specifically for each piece that requires this sort of protection. Items such as pianos, grandfather clocks, statues, ornaments, paintings, fine china, antiques and other valuables often require custom crating.

Our crates are sturdy and secure, making sure your items stay protected and are delivered in-tact. Building crates is an art and a profession. We have carpenters dedicated to doing only this. Be very careful about being promised custom crating, and getting a "work-around" solution.

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Are your movers full time employees?

Yes. As a company policy, we do not hire temporary help.  Our movers are experienced and perform moving jobs every day.  You're in good hands with us.

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Do you have storage in Israel and the USA?

Yes we do. We provide clean and safe storage on both sides of the ocean for all your belongings. We have superior storage facilites can accommodate any size load, whether it's one item or a six bedroom house.

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Will my goods be covered by Marine Insurance if I pack them myself?

If they are breakable or valuable items, most Marine Insurance won't cover items you pack by yourself. For less valuable items, like linen, books, clothes etc. this will not be the case. Our Marine Insurance agents will take care of you and guide you with all these details.

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Moving Tips

1. Don't pack away your keys
2. Don't pack away your plane tickets
3. Label any box you need immediately "Open First" 
4.  Notify the utility companies about when to connect and disconnect power, cable, telephone etc.
5.  Notify the post office to route your mail to your new location
6.  Send change of address cards to friends and family 
7. Keep out some pet food handy for your pets 
8. Don't forget about your garden furniture or items in the yard 
9. Take a last look around when the movers have completed loading the truck at the pickup site
10.  Familiariaze yourself with local hospitals, urgent care facilities and pizza delivery restaurants!

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