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First you must understand that Israel classifies immigrants and charges taxes accordingly.  There are 4 classes:

  1. Citizens - this refers to returning citizens who have been out of the country for less than 2 years.  
  2. New Immigrants - Israel refers to this class as "Olim Chadashim" (new immigrant). If you are making Aliyah or have never lived in Israel before, then you fall in this class.
  3. Returning Resident - If you are a "Toshav Chozer" (returning resident) and have been out of the country for more than two years.  This status will not apply to you if have spent four months in Israel of any of the years you have been away.
  4. Mixed Family -  If one spouse is an "Oleh Chadash" and the is a "Toshav Chozer" you are referred to as a "Mishpachat Olim" - a family with new immigrant status.  

CUSTOMS TAX ON SHIPMENTS (Does not refer to what you bring on the airplane)

  Citizens New Immigrant  Returning Resident 
2 Tax free shipments on household goods Tax    √
3 Tax free shipments on household goods Tax   √  
2 Computers Tax  No Tax  No Tax
2 TVs Tax  No tax No tax
Charcoal BBQ  Tax  Tax Tax 
Kitchen items (dishes, utensils, misc.) Tax  No tax No tax
Furniture  Tax  No tax No tax
Outdoor furniture Tax   Tax Tax
Fax Machine Tax   Tax Tax 
Household goods (books, linens, pictures etc.)  Tax  No tax No tax
2 Cell phones Tax    No tax No tax
Outdoor swing Tax   Tax  Tax
1 Washing Machine Tax  No tax No tax
1 Dryer Tax  No tax No tax
Sports Equipment Tax   Tax  Tax
1 Refrigetator Tax  No tax No tax
1 Oven Tax  No tax No tax
1 Microwave  Tax  No tax No tax
Ping pong table Tax  Tax  Tax 
Pool table Tax  Tax  Tax 
AC's and heaters relative to new home  Tax  No tax No tax
1 Bicycle per person Tax  No tax No tax
Car Tax  Reduction Reduction

Please note:

  1. The chart above refers to shipments that you send to Israel.  It does not refer to items you bring on the airplane with you.
  2. There are many regulations concerning the import of a car.  Please refer to this page.
  3. The spouses in a Mishpachat Olim will have different immigration benefits such as education.
  4. If you are shipping via sea, and the shipment is larger than a full container, it will count as two shipments, unless both shipments come on the same ship and are cleared through Customs at the same time.
  5. Value-added-tax (17%) must be paid on all services rendered in Israel. This does not refer to items in the chart above but immigrants will have to pay VAT on customs clearing, delivery, installation, service contract, and the commissions of a personal import agent.



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Moving Tips

1. Don't pack away your keys
2. Don't pack away your plane tickets
3. Label any box you need immediately "Open First" 
4.  Notify the utility companies about when to connect and disconnect power, cable, telephone etc.
5.  Notify the post office to route your mail to your new location
6.  Send change of address cards to friends and family 
7. Keep out some pet food handy for your pets 
8. Don't forget about your garden furniture or items in the yard 
9. Take a last look around when the movers have completed loading the truck at the pickup site
10.  Familiariaze yourself with local hospitals, urgent care facilities and pizza delivery restaurants!

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