Marine insurance

Your belongings are worth much more than the cost of shipping them.  If they weren't, you probably would not ship them.  Your precious goods will be transported on trucks, shipped thousands of miles on the ocean, loaded and unloaded at various points.  Insurance is an absolute must.  That being said, insuring your goods can be a costly business.  Luckily, there are many options on how to insure your goods.  

For example, you can purchase Total Loss or All Risk.  Total loss represnets exactly what it says.  If all your goods are considered a Total Loss, you can make a claim and get paid out.  All Risk means that every item you have is a "risk".  If one thing breaks or gets damaged, you can file a claim on that one piece.  Within this category, there are multiple options too.  You can underinsure items to save on marine insurance, and in the event that something happens to them, you will be paid out accordingly.  For example, if you underinsure a cabinet by 50%, if it gets damaged and the cost to repair it is $500, you will get $250 (50%).  

It's a good idea to add the cost of shipping to the value of insurance just in case your goods get damaged.  In simple words, if something is damaged, you won't only lose the value of that item but also the shipping you paid.  So if all your goods are worth $5,000 and you spend $2,000 on shipping, your coverage should be $7,000.

Marine Insurance can seem like a rather confusing process but we work with Agents that do this every day, all day.  Helping customers move to the Netherlands is their main focus, and they will walk you through the process, making it understandable and easy.

The Insurance Company will need a list of everything you will be shipping.  You'll also need to know how much it will cost to purchase each one of these items in the Netherlands.  This can be a time consuming and lengthy process. Don't wait on it!  Start working on this while you plan your move.  You'll be glad you did.

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to reduce damage is to pack it professionally and carefully.  That's our job.  We know exactly what it takes to secure goods that are being transported to the Netherlands.  We custom crate large items, custom box TV's and odd shaped furniture.  We protect your goods with high quality moving blankets and supplies.  We know how important your belongings are and we do everything we can to protect and take care of them.