1. Give notification 
    Make sure you notify schools, old and new. Notify the utility companies and if you are moving out of town, remember to obtain your medical and dental records. It’s also a good idea to send change of address cards to your friends and relatives.
  2. Items not to be moved
    Decide which items you don’t want to move and either arrange a garage sale or give them to a charity of your choice. A lot of items you no longer need might be helpful to friends and family.
  3. One last look
    When you’re finished packing, take a last look. Check all your closets, your basement, garages and sheds. On such a busy day, it’s easy to leave things behind. Make sure you have everything.
  4. Open first 
    Pack one or two bags to take with you and mark the one or two boxes you will need immediately in your new home “open first”. This way, upon arriving at your destination you will know where to find everything you need.
  5. OOPS! 
    It’s very easy to make this common mistake and pack away items such as your keys, your plane tickets, and directions to your new house etc. While packing, make sure you know where all these items are.

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Getting your kids involved is important to easing the transition to a new home. Moving can be particularly stressful for children. They have to deal with saying good byes to their friends, dealing with a new school and of course, leaving the security and comfort sometimes the only home they have ever known.

Talk to your children and explain why you are moving. Get them excited with talking about all the positives of the new place but also listen to their worries and concerns.

Involve the children in the move and finding a new home. Have them pack some personal items and assure them their items are coming with them and they will feel helpful and useful. Pack a few of your children’s favorite toys, books and snacks to enjoy during the move. It is sometimes a good idea to get the kids a gift for the new home.


This is the key to an easier transfer, regardless of the mode of transportation chosen. Travel arrangements should be made in advance of moving day. A good idea is to designate one person in the family for moving your pet. The pet may come with you in the car or plane or be moved separately by a pet mover but in both ways advance planning is key.

  1. Take your pet to your vet for a checkup and get your pet’s documents . Inquire about sedation or other meds your pet may need for travel; ask your vet to recommend a colleague in the new city.
  2. Obtain a travel identification tag.
  3. Check if your destination state has any pet entry regulations or requirements. Many states have laws applicable to the entry of dogs, cats, and other pets. Tropical fish are many times the only exception. Representatives of the state department of agriculture are usually present at airports and may inspect any pets arriving by air.
  4. The documents pertaining to your pet’s health are important. You may be asked to show them at any time, especially when traveling, so it is advisable to keep them handy. Any or all of the following may be required:
  5. Administer a sedative or tranquilizer if veterinarian has prescribed one.
  6. Do not feed or water the pet just before traveling .Take treats that will help keeping your pet happy and will do for snacks during the day.
  7. Plan stops at regular intervals to give your pet a drink and a short walk. Rest areas make good stopping places.
  8. Never let your dog or cat loose in a strange place.
  9. Always attach the leash before opening the car door and detach it after the pet is back inside and the door closed.
  10. Keep the pet in your arms or on a short leash in motel or hotel lobbies and other public buildings.



• Travel identification and rabies tags attached to pet’s collar?
• Necessary health documents and pet’s veterinary record on hand?
• Pet’s travel kit packed?
• Water container filled for pet?
• A leash in the car? Scooper? Bags?
• Sedative or tranquilizer administered to pet?
• Cage or carrier fixed in place so it won’t tip or slide around?


Great experience. The crew and the lead Brian were all very professional and respectful of my things. We moved out of a big home into a small apartment and they did everything they could to make a stressful situation go smoothly. I highly recommend All American Van Lines to anyone. Thanks to everyone including the sales rep Israel to the dispatcher Rawlins and the entire moving crew!
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These guys were great. Very nice, friendly and accommodating. They made our move less stressful than it was.
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Lynn Rubin
All went well … packed and tracked all items and confirmed all when dropped off. Pick up and delivery was within 2 days covering 700 miles. Cost, considering their truck, people, gas, driving, etc. was very reasonable. Slight confusion and call back delays when dealing with office people but all worked out. Also, no intensive sell pitches and constant annoying calls like was received from other providers.
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Four gentlemen came; they were polite and professional; they worked fast being considerate of the hourly rate; they were careful with my things, wrapped and boxed things correctly; they drove to my new location and worked just as diligently and efficiently; they set my things up and always asked where I wanted things to go; I highly recommend this company.
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The movers took great care in wrapping everything properly and getting my furniture out of the house without causing damage to the furniture or the walls.
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